Fruit & Floral Chair- $35.00

Vintage ladder- $15.00

With "LOVE" letters- $20.00

Mismatched wooden chairs- $4.50 ea

(100 available)

Large Wooden Cross- $35.00

Child's Size Bench- $40.00

Wood Screen (Perfect backdrop!)- $40.00

Rustic buckboard wagon display- $150.00

(8 foot long)

Chippy Antique Arch - $50.00

Orange Wingback Chair- $35.00

Vintage Mail Sorter Display- $65.00

Chippy White Sweetheart Table- $45.00


Gold Glass Coffee Table- $30.00

Burgundy Wingback Chair- $35.00

Vintage Burgundy Couch - $125.00

Brass & Glass Bar Cart- $30.00

(Decanters available separately)


Includes 1 Couch, up to 4 Side Chairs, 1 Coffee Table, Side Tables, Rugs, Pillows & Small D├ęcor to complete the look!

Pink Floral Antique Couch- $125.00

Queen Anne Taupe Leather Chairs

$35.00 ea

Wooden Display Buffet- $45.00

Silver & Floral Bench- $35.00

*****NEW ITEMS BELOW!!!!****

"I Have Found The One.." Sign (5 ft Tall) -$75.00 

Dark stained coffee table- $20.00

Pink Antique couch- $125.00

Natural Stump coffee table with Glass- $45.00

Vintage Rugs - $10.00-$25.00

(Many more various colors and sizes available)

Rattan Display Shelf- $55.00

Pink Floral Chairs- $50.00 ea


Please come back for more treasures or contact us if you're looking for something specific! We are still in the process of updating our website, all while adding more inventory!!

Pink Floral Antique Chair- $45.00

Pouf Ottomans- $15.00 ea

Red/Orange Antique Chair- $35.00

Leather Equipale Boho Chair- $40.00

(2 available)

Dark stained side table- $20.00

Vintage Floral Couch- $125.00

White Wicker Peacock Chair- $40.00 (2 available)

Pink Antique Chair- $45.00

Double French doors with glass panes, and decorative knobs. Open and close. $275.00

Metal drink holder or display- $35.00

Natural Wicker Peacock Chair-

$40.00 (2 available)

White Metal Display Cart- $55.00

Vintage White mantle- $40.00

Small Letterboard- $10.00

Round Wood Sweetheart Table- $45.00

Standup Vintage White Doors- $25.00 ea

MCM Green Settee- $100.00

3 Tiered Display Piece- $30.00

Large furniture, seating & other large vintage treasures!

Antique Green Couch- $125.00

Gold Parlor Chairs- $25.00 ea

(4 total)

Green Wingback Chair- $35.00

Rose Gold Antique Sofa


Vintage all metal wheelbarrow- $35.00

Antique Blue Couch- $125.00

Purple Vintage Couch- $125.00

Dusty Rose Chair- $35.00

Standing Globe - $25.00

Natural Wine Barrels- $65.00 ea (4 available)

Rent two barrels and we will include a door to lay on them to make a unique table!

Brass & Glass Display Shelf- $55.00

Rose Gold Antique Chair- $45.00

Child's Size Peacock Chair- $20.00

Twin White Wingback Chairs- $60.00 ea or $100.00 together

Happily Ever After Cornhole- $35.00

Mint/gold display Vanity- $45.00

Cream Short Church Pews- $50.00 ea

(2 available)

Custom made stand up church doors. They open and close, and will make an unforgettable grand entrance! $275.00

Green Sweetheart Table- $45.00