Vintage coffee pots- $5.00 ea

(6 available)

Vintage wooden ice cream buckets- $8.00 ea

(3 available- 1 green and 2 wood)

Crystal candlesticks- $1.50 ea

(15+ available)

14" tall white lanterns- $6.00 ea

(8 available)

Silver polished and tarnished trays of all sizes- $2.00-$5.00

Silver polished and tarnished teapots and creamers- $1.50-$8.00

26" tall decorative shabby lantern- $15.00

(3 available)

"Take my heart & walk through this world with me" window- $10.00

Lace & chicken wire window frame- $8.00

Chalkboard window- $8.00

Plain vintage windows- $6.00 ea

Vintage oil lamps- $2.50-$8.00

(all sizes & colors available)

19" tall decorative shabby lanterns- $10.00 ea

(3 available)

We have an endless amount of small treasures, that we don't have enough room for all the pictures! Contact us if there is something special you're looking for, chances are we have it!

**We do have many more lanterns not pictured! In the process of uploading them to the website! Contact us for pictures!

Antlers and deer skulls- $3.00-$15.00

Jewel-toned Bottles & Vases- $2.50 ea

Brass candlesticks- $2.50 ea

(50+ available)

Wood & Copper Misc. Lanterns- $6.00 ea

Vintage & modern milk bottles- $1.00-$3.00

(12+ available)

Large variety of milk glass & teapots- Starting at $1.50