How do the rentals work?

Once you decide the items you would like to reserve, fill out the contact form with the items you would like to rent. We will ensure those items are available for the duration of your event and write up a quote for you to review. Rental is typically for 24 hours. However we always make exceptions, especially for pickups, so feel free to ask!

Do you deliver to my event or do I pick them up? 
Yes, we can deliver & yep you can pick up! Delivery/pickup cost is additional

Ok, I’m in love how do I book?

Great! Once you receive your quote, and you’d like to book, we only require a 30% deposit to hold your items for your date. The remainder must be paid in full 30 days prior to your event, and you are more than welcome to make payments up until then!

What if I want to remove or add more items to my quote? 

No worries! We are very flexible, and understand that as you move closer to your event, things change! You may not need those extra 25 goblets, or maybe you need 25 more! We are also always adding new inventory, so if you see something new you'd like to switch out let us know!


What if an item is damaged or lost?

Oops, someone dropped a plate! We understand accidents happen. However, if several items are broken or large items are damaged due to negligence we may require compensation to repair the item or replace if the item is a total loss.